Business vision


Statement from Ms. Malai Rachataswan, Managing Director – The Peace Canning 1951 Co., Ltd.
The 60 years of experiences has taught us the business secrets to success.

1.Innovative products tasty, safe, distinctive selling point that stands out from others in the market. For example, our pickled mustard green products are focused on the 100% natural production process to obtain the unique taste and texture’s profile as “FRESHLY CRUNCHY ON EVERY BITE”. Ranking number#1 in the domestic market share, we surely continuously are creating credibility through product quality for over 60 years.

2.Corporate good governance works together as a family. Inheriting “Peace” into the organization and others, we believe sustainable business practices come from the principles of corporate good governance in every dimension including; shareholders, employees, farmers, communities, consumers, and, environment.

3.Production innovation and industrial processes managing the entire supply chain.

4.Social Responsibility We create good governance with farmers, local communities and environment through many different projects to ensure the raw materials meets the consumers’ satisfaction, meanwhile securing the contract farmers’ well-being and stable income.
Also, considering of environmental impacts such as soil, water, air and energy saving from the industrial production. We consider the society and the environment as families that must maintain / sustain and grow together.

5.Branding We consistency focusing on “PIGEON” brand pairing with Thai society and Thai food culture around the globe. We proudly represent Thai brand “PIGEON” brand throughout the world markets.

The Peace Canning on the move…
We are making our way towards the Green Economy, Healthy and Environment Sustainability, therefore, we take pride to continue our research and development using 100% Natural Healthy Preservative Food Technology on our new upcoming product range.